RE-Purposing On Purpose

With information whizzing by at the speed of light, time being stretched thin and having too much to do, sometimes we don’t see the obvious ways to connect to our prospects and customers, and simultaneously save time and money.

One way to get the most out of your work is to repurpose it. In other words, do the work once and then use it in several different ways to communicate and connect with your audience.

There are quite a few ways to accomplish this so let me give you a couple of examples.

One method is to write an original 400 to 600 word blog post for your blog (like this one) and publish it once a week. Now, make the theme of your weekly newsletter about your blog post. To do this, simply write a summary of the blog post in your newsletter and then direct the reader to your blog to view the full story.

Next, take your blog post and transform it into an article. Publish the article on your website and/or in one of the top article marketing sites (such as

You’ve now used one piece of work for 3 different facets of your marketing; a blog post, a newsletter and an article.

In addition, you can also talk about (promote) your blog post and article through your social media channels, so that brings into play an additional way of repurposing your work.

But, we’re not done yet!

Another more advanced method to repurpose your work is to combine your blog posts/articles into an eBook which you can distribute for free on your website.

Here’s how it works:

After you’ve been consistently blogging (once a week) for 12 to 15 weeks, gather 7 to 10 of your blog posts which follow a theme and combine them into one document.

For instance, I could take 10 of my business blog posts and create an eBook titled “10 Tips to Business Profitability”. {Note: This, by the way, will be available soon!}

Next, add a cover page, a table of contents and a page titled “About the Author” which contains your biography and contact information. Then, convert the document into a PDF file. This will allow your eBook to be view on any type of computer.

Now, you can setup a page on your website to distribute your eBook or you can email it to your prospects and customers.

One benefit of making it available through your website is you can require people to give you their name and email address before they can receive the document. This will not only help you get your name out there, and give you “expert status” in your field, it will also allow you to build an email list which you can use for future marketing purposes.
Other Ways to Repurpose
There are other ways to repurpose your work as well, and they are not limited to the written word. You can take the same information you’ve written about and make it into a video or audio.

These files can be placed on your website or in the case of video, distributed on YouTube. You can sell them, make them into “information products” or give them away for free.

The point is, doing the “intellectual work” one time can lead to many avenues of distribution and just as many ways for people to find you and your business.

Please leave a comment below and let me know how you’ll begin to use repurposing in your business.