You may not realize this but marketing is the ONLY business activity that is responsible for bringing revenue into your business. Some may argue that it is “sales” which brings home the money, but in reality the process starts with marketing. Without marketing there are no prospects and therefore the sales process cannot begin.

Do You Make This Mistake With Marketing Your Business?
Here’s how most sloe-entrepreneurs, business owners and small companies engage in marketing.

First, they put together a short and concise marketing campaign which is released to the public. Second, they weed through the prospects and service what few customers they do get until they realize that they need more new customers. Next they start the process over again.

Big Mistake!

Why? Because by the time they realize they need new customers, they are not making any money. And, they won’t generate any revenue until they launch another successful campaign which will bring in additional new prospect and clients.

This type of marketing usually leads to a lot of frustration and a low (to none) profit margin for the year.

The Solution: PIC Marketing
The solution is to have a Proactive, Intentional and Consistent (PIC) Marketing Strategy which is constantly bringing new prospects and customers to your business.

Let me explain:


Proactive means your marketing campaigns will start based on where your business is now and evolve as your business experience grows. It also means, you stay in-tune with economic environment changes and you pay attention to the growing needs of your customers.Intentional
Intentional means that you target a specific demographic with a marketing message which speaks directly to them. This audience should always be the people who are most likely to purchase your products and services.Consistent
Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly, your marketing happens at regular intervals and never ends. This ensures there are always new prospects being introduced to your business, as well as keeping your current customers (who already know and trust you) in contact with you, and more importantly, on the forefront of their mind.

The Challenge
To develop a marketing plan which actually drives qualified prospects to your business and converts them into paying customers takes research and planning.

One of the best places to start is by understanding the true reason why your current customers choose to purchase your products and services. In this reason lies the secret to easily converting future prospects into customers.

Another factor required to have great success with PIC Marketing is precisely identifying your target market. In other words, you need to have an extremely clear understanding of the type of people who are most likely to do business with you and how you will reach them.

Once you know both of these, the next step is to create an on-going, consistent marketing plan with a marketing message which speaks directly to that audience. The goal of you plan is to continually put your message out to world so you can constantly bring new prospects and customers to your business.

Being consistent means you’ll always be in a position where revenue is flowing into your business. So, get out your calendar right now and schedule 4 hours of time which will be dedicated to developing your PIC Marketing Strategy and making your business more profitable.

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