In 2001 when I published my very first website (via a dial-up connection through AOL) it used to be all you needed was a good marketing message explaining who you are and the benefits your business had to offer. Well…

The Rules Have Clearly Changed!

Today there is fierce competition for internet space and every business in your market (or industry) is vying for the attention of your customers. This business rivalry has led us to a serious Internet Marketing Paradox and without a clear future vision for your business you could be stuck right in the middle of it.

Here’s the dilemma:

If your business is Less Than 5 Years Old you absolutely need a well-rounded internet marketing strategy to compete and stay afloat with older, more established “internet savvy” businesses.

If your business is Greater Than 5 Years Old you absolutely need a well-rounded internet marketing strategy because smaller start-up business with a better internet presence will steal your loyal customers away.

The 2010 buzz word was “Social Media” so everyone jumped (or is jumping onto) the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter bandwagon. Good idea, but frankly it’s not enough.

To remain competitive, keep ahead of the competition and sustain and grow your business profit, you need more than a website and a Social Media outlet.

*Here are the “Must Haves” needed for a well-rounded internet marketing strategy:

  • Updated Customer Focused Website
  • Additional Keyword-Specific Websites
  • A Consistent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Plan
  • A Pro-Active Backlink Strategy
  • Continuous Email Marketing Scheme
  • A Systematic Blogging Strategy

*In addition, to really give your business every opportunity to succeed now and in the future, you should also consider the following internet marketing components to round-out your strategy:

  • Online Article Marketing
  • Online Video
  • Internet Radio
  • Podcast
  • A mobile Website
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The Dynamics Are Changing…
What I’m seeing with the business owners I work with (and in my business), is the dynamics of marketing on the internet are clearly changing in a big way, and at a rapid pace.

Ten years ago you needed a website; Seven years ago you need streaming audio and email marketing; Five years ago you needed online video and a blog; Three years ago Social Media and micro-blogging became the big thing.

Today, you need it all!

Take one step at a time and start taking them today. Develop a sensible internet marketing strategy which allows for as many access points (listed above) into your business as possible. Start small, think big and implement one new component into your marketing strategy at a time.

See you at the top!

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